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B.Sc./M.Sc. thesis and any kind of research project

Dear student, if you plan to conduct your B. Sc. or M. Sc. thesis work or any other kind of project with the Distributed Systems (DS) group, we would kindly ask you to provide some information about your technical knowledge, i.e., the list of DS lectures you attended successfully so far, as well as your programming skills. You may also add seminars, labs and any project you already did or are currently doing with our group. For simplicity, you just might include your transcript. This way we can make sure that an offered thesis subject fits your background knowledge. Finally, we would like to ask to give us some information about your research interests. Maybe you can already tell us, which are the DS projects you would like to contribute with your thesis work.

For project descriptions see:

The list of lectures offered by DS group can be found here:

You can either send your application to or directly to a DS group member.

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