Student Projects

Open, current, and completed student projects of the Data Engineering department.

Open and ongoing student projects

Open topics

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in contributing to one of our projects or more generally to a topic related to our research as part of a student project. Ideally, you have attended one or more of our courses. For further assessment we encourage you to send us your current transcript. 

Ongoing projects

  • Neural-network-based inverse kinematic simulation.
    Meng Sun, Master thesis
  • Fairness-monitoring in data preparation pipelines.
    Patrick Epple, Bachelor thesis
  • Modern architectures for data integration in AEC.
    Pawan Waldia, research project
  •  Entwicklung eines interaktiven Systems für das FALCC Framework.
    Linus Eric Zaiser, Bachelor thesis
  • Studying bias in machine learning using visual exploration.
    Alaa Elghazaly, research project

Completed student projects

  • Maximizing prediction diversity in model ensembles for locally fair classifications
    Ole Nies, Bachelor thesis
  • Evaluation of the Usefulness of Explanations for Entity Resolution
    Himanshu Acharya, Master thesis
  • Systematic evaluation of approaches for fair machine learning
    Julian Valentin Eble, Bachelor thesis
  • Data Lake Services zur interoperablen Datenverwaltung in Bauprojekten
    Emil Czychon, Christopher Dahl, Christian Bartsch, Entwicklungsprojekt
  • Deep Learning in Stream Entity Resolution
    Suhas Devendrakeerti, Master thesis
  • Tracking and Preparing Simulation Metadata for Publishing
    Anne Lendl, Master thesis
  • Assessment of data processing steps with provenance
    Malte Meiners, Bachelor thesis
  • Model metadata sheets for transparency and accountability
    Melissa Tundo, Bachelor thesis
  • Developing fair and personalized machine learning models
    Nico Lässig, Master thesis
  • Incremental Schema-agnostic Blocking for Entity Resolution of Web Data
    Kareem Elzayat, Master thesis
  • Minimizing Labelling Bias during Label Categorization
    Tuan Nam Vu, Bachelor Thesis
  • Visual Exploration of Decision Support Systems
    Sujanthan Sureshkumar, Bachelor Thesis
  • Analysis Techniques for Claim Data Mining
    Mehran Chowdhury, Master Thesis
  • Nutzbarkeit von Data Profiling Metadaten in transparenten Entscheidungsunterstützungssystemen
    Benjamin Vier, Bachelor thesis
  • Ontology-based Product Catalog Exploration
    Nour Ramzy, Master thesis
  • Storing and Visualizing Structural Provenance
    Markus Schweizer, Master thesis
  • Why-not provenance for nested data in Spark
    Matthias Wagner, Master thesis
  • Erkennung von Verzerrung in Entscheidungsunterstützungssystemen
    Lars Gröninger, Melissa Tundo, Tuan Nam Vu, Bachelor research project
  • Provenance for Nested Data in DISC Systems
    Wilhelm Stephan, Master thesis
  • Data Repository and Generator for Provenance Evaluation Benchmarking
    Anne Lendl, Bachelor thesis
  • Tree Pattern Matching in DISC Systems
    Shamim Ahmed, Master thesis
  • Design and Implementation of provenance-driven visualization recommendation for visual data exploration
    Henry Khang Vu, Bachelor thesis
  • Data Provenance for Entity Resolution
    Sarah Oppold, Master thesis
  • NedExplain meets Nautilus
    Matthias Wagner, Bachelor Thesis
  • Workload based Provenance Capture Reduction
    Priyanka Jadhav, Master thesis
  • NautilusWeb – Visualisierung aktueller Data Provenance Algorithmen im Web
    Birgit Ast, Benjamin Cadell, Natalia Mendel, Bachelor project computer science
  • Explaining Missing Answers of Hierarchical Data Processing in Spark
    Karsten Meyer, Master thesis
  • Vergleich von Provenance Fähigkeiten in Workflow Systemen
    Olga Schretter, Dominik Sautter, Matthias Wagner, Fachstudie 
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