Software development at SGS/SC/US3

Simulation software developed at or with contributions from the SGS/SC/US3 groups

Own Software

  • preCICE – preCICE (Precise Code Interaction Coupling Environment) is a coupling tool for partitioned simulations of multi-physics scenarios. 
  • SG++ – Efficient, flexible, and modular Sparse Grid toolbox written in C++ featuring Python and Java bindings.
  • opendihu – Simulation framework for a multi-scale skeletal muscle model, for computing EMG signals and muscle contraction.
  • repa – Flexible library for load-balanced, regular grids supporting several different partitioning methods.
  • Talfer – Scientific fluid simulation game where the player steers in the fluid floating rigid-bodies using a Kinect device.
  • PLSSVM – A Parallel Least Squares Support Vector Machine using multiple backends for different GPU vendors. 


  • ESPResSo – Used and extended in the course of subprojects D.8 and D.9 of the SFB 716 and the Cabin Air Filtration project.
  • p4est – Used and extended in the course of subproject D.8 of the SFB 716.
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