Institute for Parallel and Distributed Systems (IPVS)


Dipl.-Inform. Michael Matthiesen


The administration staff takes care of routine duties such as personnel management, the purchase of office supplies and technical equipment and administrative services for all projects sponsored by companies or the government.

Adminstration: administration procedure and responsibilities (both only in German)

Management/Project Coordination: Michael Matthiesen
Secretary: Stefanie Palmer
Staff: Christine Well
  Manfred Rasch


  • Head of Computer Laboratory
  • Network Planning and Coordination

Christine Reissner

  • User Management
  • License Management

Ralf Aumüller

  • PC/Linux Support
  • Support for Departement AS

Andreas Schaupp

  • Solaris/x86 Support
  • Support for Departement PAS

Bernd Schusser

  • Web Support
  • Support for Departement MLR


Michael Matthiesen

Michael Matthiesen

Head of Department

Stefanie Palmer

Stefanie Palmer


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