Institute for Parallel and Distributed Systems

The focus of the research activities of the IPVS is the following:

  • Databases and Transaction Management for Open Systems, Data Warehouse and Data Mining,Geographic Information Systems and Spatially Aware Information Systems, Component Technology and Middleware, Federated Information Systems
  • Machine Learning (active learning & exploration, Reinforcement Learning, relational (PO)MDPs, graphical models, probabilistic inference, planning as inference), Robotics (learning methods for manipulation, symbol learning, exploration, sequential planning, stochastic optimal control)
  • Computer Aided Software Architecture, Object Oriented Technologies, Embedded Systems
  • Fluid Flow in Complicated and Varying Geometries, Efficient Numerical Algorithms, Data Structures for Distributed Applications, Parallel Algorithms, Parallelization, Virtual Teaching, Graphics and Visualization
  • Mobile Computing, Distributed multimedia systems, Telecooperation, Security and Privacy, System Performance Evaluation


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