Research Focus

Institute for Parallel and Distributed Systems

The focus of the research activities of the IPVS is the following:

Databases and Transaction Management for Open Systems, Data Warehouse and Data Mining,Geographic Information Systems and Spatially Aware Information Systems, Component Technology and Middleware, Federated Information Systems

Machine Learning (active learning & exploration, Reinforcement Learning, relational (PO)MDPs, graphical models, probabilistic inference, planning as inference), Robotics (learning methods for manipulation, symbol learning, exploration, sequential planning, stochastic optimal control)

Computer Aided Software Architecture, Object Oriented Technologies, Embedded Systems

Fluid Flow in Complicated and Varying Geometries, Efficient Numerical Algorithms, Data Structures for Distributed Applications, Parallel Algorithms, Parallelization, Virtual Teaching, Graphics and Visualization

Mobile Computing, Distributed multimedia systems, Telecooperation, Security and Privacy, System Performance Evaluation

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