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Distributed Systems

Courses offered by the department & information about exams

Courses offered by the department cover a broad spectrum of topics on distributed and context-aware systems. The complete list of the courses offered by the department is available on C@mpus. Additional information about the course content is available in the module handbook.

All Master level lectures can be chosen for the “Distributed Systems” area of specialization (Vertiefungslinie):

  • Self-Organizing and Adaptive Systems
  • Mobile Computing
  • Real-time Concepts for Embedded Systems
  • Distributed Systems I: Foundations (Aiello)
  • Distributed Systems II: Algorithms AND Concepts and Architectures

NOTE: The course "Distributed Systems II" spans over two semesters. Only students who have participated in both parts of the lecture (Algorithms AND Concepts and Architectures) are eligible for taking the exam. In the examination, the content of both lectures will be tested.

Course overview of the current semester


For all exams offered by the department, the examination regulations specific to the study program apply.

Exams may be written or oral. If not specified in the module handbook, the exam mode will be announced during the course.

All students who want to participate in the exam must register via C@mpus during the registration period. Registration deadlines and exam dates are announced by the examination office.

Oral exams:

  • In order to get an oral exam date, please register before (in writing) at the IPVS VS secretary, room 2.353 (on appointment) during the registration period. Students who do not register at the Institute will be assigned a date by the department.
  • The dates for oral exams are published in C@mpus.
  • In case of a no-show, the exam will be graded as failed (5.0).
  • The regulations for withdrawal from the examination can be found in the examination regulations of the study program and on the web sites of the examination boards. A timely withdrawal from the examination must be made in writing at the IPVS VS secretary. A timely withdrawal is not possible from a retake exam or after an effected withdrawal approved by the examination committee (for health reasons or other).

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