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Job offers

Open positions at the department of Distributed Systems are published below and on instagram.

Student research assistants

Our department is continuously looking for student research assistants. If you are interested in working alongside our team and supporting the department's research, teaching, and other activities, please send your application (including a short motivation letter, CV, and current transcript) to Eva Strähle.

PhD positions

Our department is currently looking for new research associates/ PhD students. To discuss  available options, including project and state funded positions, please contact Prof. Dr. Christian Becker.

We strongly encourage all applicants to provide information about your previous studies, attended lectures, and research interests and how these relate to distributed systems and the research in our group. If we only receive only a general request for a meeting without further information about your interests and academic and/or professional experience, it is difficult for us to judge whether any of the available positions is suitable. Our list of publications will give you an impression of our current research interests.

Reference letters

The secretary's office coordinates all requests for reference letters at the department of Distributed Systems. All requests must be sent to Eva Strähle and should include the following information about the institution that will receive the reference letter:

  • Name of the institution
  • Address and contact person at the institution
  • If applying to a master program: Exact name of the program
  • Procedure for submitting the reference letter.
    • Will a link be send out in case an online form needs to be filled out?
    • Must a letter be send via e-mail or mail to the institution?
    • Or do you need the document in a sealed envelope personally?
  • Submission deadline
  • Number of required letters of recommendation

To help us process your request in a timely manner, you may already include the following personal information that may be required to prepare the reference letter:

  • Name (first name, last name)
  • Gender
  • Place and date of birth
  • Contact details: email, phone number
  • Degree program you are currently enrolled in/ have completed at the University of Stuttgart
  • Start and (expected) completion of your studies at the University of Stuttgart

In order to prepare a high-quality reference letter, we further encourage all students requesting a reference letter to tell us about...

  • your academic and professional background (e.g., by attaching your CV, transcript, and relevant certificates of completed studies)
  • your motivation for applying at the institution that will receive the reference letter
  • your motivation for requesting the reference letter at the department of Distributed Systems (e.g., your interest in a specific distributed systems topics, or a particular course offered by the department)


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Christian Becker

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Eva Strähle



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