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Laura Schuiki


Application of Parallel and Distributed Systems


Universitätsstraße 38
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 2.160

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Data is one of the most popular resources of our time, as it can be used to gain many valuable insights. These can be used profitably, for example to create new products or services or to optimise existing processes. To do this, the data must be analysed. With the help of centralised data management systems such as Data Lake, domain experts can work with data from multiple source systems in a consolidated form.

Data Mesh is a new approach to managing, sharing and accessing data at scale that uses decentralisation to overcome the challenges of centralised approaches. While more and more progress is being made in the realisation of Data Mesh, it remains unclear how exactly Data Mesh can be designed and implemented in a concrete case, including in terms of data products, federated management and interoperability. The aim of my research is therefore to investigate approaches for realising the Data Mesh concept in an industrial context.

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