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Rebecca Kay Eichler

Applications of Parallel and Distributed Systems


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Universitätsstraße 38
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 2.365

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Working Area: Data, Metadata and Analytics

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C. Stach, J. Bräcker, R. Eichler, C. Giebler, and C. Gritti. "How to Provide High-Utility Time Series Data in a Privacy-Aware Manner: A VAULT to Manage Time Series Data." International Journal On Advances in Security, Volume 13, Number 3 & 4 (December 2020), pages 1–21.
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R. Eichler, C. Giebler, C. Gröger, H. Schwarz, and B. Mitschang, "HANDLE - A Generic Metadata Model for Data Lakes." In: Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery (DaWaK2020). 2020.
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C. Giebler, C. Gröger, E. Hoos, R. Eichler, H. Schwarz, and B. Mitschang, "Data Lakes auf den Grund gegangen." In: Datenbank-Spektrum. Bd. 20(1). S. 57-69. 2020.
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R. Eichler, "Metadata Management in the Data Lake Architecture"
Masterthesis. 2019.

Offered Student Projects

Student Projects in Progress

  • StuPro: Internal data marketplace: Design and implementation of a platform for the exchange of data and data-related services.

Completed Student Projects

  • Bachelor Thesis:
    Bedarfsgerechte Datenbereitstellung in einer vertrauenswürdigen Data-Science-Plattform
    (Completed in December 2020)
  • Bachelor Thesis:
    Entwicklung einer Datenbereitstellungsplattform für datenintensive IoT-Anwendungen
    (Completed in November 2020)
  • Practical Course:
    Implementation of a multi-layered framework for the holistic management of monitoring data
    (Completed in November 2020)
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