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Working Area: Data, Metadata and Analytics



In the PhD project "Interactive assistance systems in the context of explorative and user-centric data analysis", the focus is on interactive procedures that allow domain experts to perform additional analyses not covered by standard queries, thereby enabling new hypotheses and insights. 

Conventional applications from the areas of Visual Analytics or Self-Service Business Intelligence either focus on the analysis of a specific challenge or follow predefined analysis paths. Since a domain expert rarely has in-depth technical knowledge, a more fundamental analysis would have to be implemented by the IT department at high cost. However, this is only feasible if the economic relevance is predictable. Especially with regard to explorative analysis scenarios, such a competitive advantage is not quantifiable.

Hence, it is desirable to enable the domain expert to perform initial exploratory analyses on his own to verify assumptions. For this purpose, the necessary level of detail must be abstracted in each step of the analysis. A balanced interplay between visual and automated procedures is required and the domain expert should be involved in every step of the analysis. To provide more comprehensive analysis paths here, a more generic approach - for example using data mashup tools - is required. These allow a largely free combination of data sources and operators by means of an intuitive graphical interface and are therefore suitable for the specification of analysis processes with regard to the rapid exploration of data without requiring programming knowledge.

The objective of this project is to develop techniques to support a domain expert in explorative analysis. This includes for instance a preselection of data sources, the reduction of repetitive tasks and interaction concepts in the area of data preparation. Due to this shift in focus on the integration of one or more domain experts into the analysis process and the resulting increase in the degree of freedom, the time-consuming and cost-intensive implementation of a (new) analysis by the IT department can be dispensed with in many cases and, as a consequence, new business opportunities can be identified.


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  9. Michael Behringer (2014). "Erforschung der Interaktionsmöglichkeiten mit flexiblen und unebenen Oberflächen". Study Thesis. Universität Stuttgart
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