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Benjamin Maier


Simulation of Large Systems


+49 711 685 88247
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Universitätsstraße 38
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 2.106


  1. Maier, B., Emamy, N., Krämer, A., Mehl, M.: Highly Parallel Multi-Physics Simulation of Muscular Activation and EMG. Proceedings of VIII International Conference on Computational Methods for Coupled Problems in Science and Engineering. (2019).
  2. Bradley, C.P., Emamy, N., Ertl, T., Göddeke, D., Hessenthaler, A., Klotz, T., Krämer, A., Krone, M., Maier, B., Mehl, M., Rau, T., Röhrle, O.: Enabling Detailed, Biophysics-Based Skeletal Muscle Models on HPC Systems. FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY. 9, (2018).
  3. Walter, J.R., Saini, H., Maier, B., Mostashiri, N., Aguayo, J.L., Zarshenas, H., Hinze, C., Shuva, S., Köhler, J., Sahrmann, A.S., Chang, C., Csiszar, A., Galliani, S., Cheng, L.K., Röhrle, O.: Comparative Study of a Biomechanical Model-based and Black-box Approach for Subject-Specific Movement Prediction. Presented at the (2020).
  • Winter 2019/2020: Exercises for the lecture “Numerische Simulation” (Numerical Simulation)
  • Summer 2019: Topics for the seminar “Simulation großer Systeme” (Simulation of Large Systems)
  • Winter 2018/2019: Exercises for the lecture “Numerische Simulation” (Numerical Simulation)
  • Summer 2017: Course Assistant at Ferienakademie “Creating Animations with Machine Learning and Simulation”
  • Summer 2017: Exercises for the lecture “High Performance Computing”
  • Summer 2017: Exercises for the lecture “Ausgewählte Kapitel des Wissenschaftlichen Rechnens” (Selected Topics of Scientific Computing)
  • Summer 2017: Topics for the seminar “Simulation großer Systeme” (Simulation of Large Systems)
  • 2013/14,2014/15: Tutor for “NumStoch” (Basics of Numerics and Stochastics)
  • 03/2019: Summer school “Soft Tissue Robotics”, University of Auckland
  • 06/2018: Summer school “Soft Tissue Robotics”, Stuttgart
  • 11/2017–01/2018: Research stay at University of Auckland
  • 02/2017–present: PhD student/research associate at the IPVS
  • 04/2014–12/2016: M.Sc. Simulation Technology, University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • 10/2013–09/2015: B.Sc. Computer Science, University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • 10/2011–02/2015: B.Sc. Simulation Technology, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Year Title Students Type of Project
2021 Gated Recurrent Unit Networks for Decomposition of Synthetic High-Density Surface Electromyography Signals Srijay Kolvekar Master project
2020 Web application for multiphysics simulations with opendihu Matthias Tompert Bachelor thesis
2020 Parallel in time methods for the neuro-muscular system Marius Nitzsche Master thesis
2020 Model estimation and handling of flexible, three-dimensional bodies Hendrik Braun Master thesis
2020 Automatic image recognition of hanging textiles Eugen Mozikov Bachelor thesis
2019 Simulation of hangling textiles for automatic image recognition Marius Stach Bachelor thesis
2019 The LEGO Counting Problem Marco Müller Seminar
2019 Black-Jack für Stochastiker David Kurzendörfer Seminar
2019 Tyre and vehicle drift modelling Lukas Steinegger Seminar
2019 Peg-in-hole for flexible objects Nils Boike, Eugen Mozikov, Moritz Staub, Matthias Tompert Research project
computer science
2019 Modeling and simulation of elastic cables Marius Stach SimTech bachelor
research project
2019 Optimal placing of flexible objects Lena Scholz SimTech bachelor
research project
2019 Temporal adaptivity and load balancing for a simulation of the activation of muscle fibers Sebastian Kreuder Bachelor thesis
2019 Anatomical shape extraction and NURBS fitting Jan Kusterer Bachelor thesis
2018 Orgel im Fourierraum: Über Tonhöhen und Oberschwingungen Marcel Galuschka Seminar
2018 Quadraturverfahren im Vergleich Dominik Sellenthin Seminar
2018 Muscular fascicle arrangements based on Laplacian flow fields Jan Kusterer, Niven Ratnamaheson, Raimund Rolfs, Tobias Walter Research project
computer science
2017 Newton-Fraktale Yaroslav Nalivayko Seminar
2017 Black-Jack für Stochastiker Björn Müller Seminar
2017 Development Of a Bridge Simulator Using the Direct Stiffness Method Hannes Bonasch, Niklas Owens, Tom Zeller Research project
computer science
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