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Herr Dipl.-Phys.

Cataldo Mega

Wissenschaftlicher Angestellter



Universitätsstraße 38
D-70569 Stuttgart
Raum: 2.402


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Content Management on Cloud, Information Lifecycle Governance, Compliance, e-Dicovery, Records Management, Data, Metadata and Analysis

Mr. Mega was a Senior Technical Staff Member at the IBM Research & Development Lab in Boeblingen, Germany till end of 2015. During the active time at IBM he vested the role of software architect in the area of ECM Cloud Services development  in the position of manager of the IBM European ECM Competency Center. After leaving IBM in 2015 Mr Mega joint the the IPVS Application Systems department at the University of Stuttgart and co-founded a startup end of 2017, the Content Management Consulting Services GmbH, providing expert consulting on ECM systems architecture design to IBM ECM customers. His current work focus is on evolving the ECM architecture and design in a such a way to allow thgem to successfully compete with their cloud native competitors running on modern cloud pletforms. A second goal of his research effort is to promote the move off of non-European cloud platforms and onto the European clouds aiming at a european digital sovereignty such as envisioned by the GAIA-X initiative. www.d

Masterarbeit: About the Design Changes Required for Enabling ECM Systems to Exploit Cloud Technology.
Submitted 06.12.2020

Masterarbeit: Orchestration and provisioning of containerized enterprise application workloads in hybrid cloud environments using open source cloud technologies;
Submitted 01.10.2021

Masterarbeit: Evaluating dynamic load balancing of ECM workload pattern employed in cloud environments managed by a Kubernetes / Docker eco-system; Submitted 01.10.2021

Master thesis: About the maturity of cognitive search and its readiness in boosting information retrieval in enterprises

Master thesis: An automated approach to classify unstructured content of any type and format for compliance using ML and AI enhanced classification services in the cloud

Masterarbeit: Evaluating data governance pattern employed as statefull services in cloud environments managed by a K

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