Rudof Schneider successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis on deep learning for clinical decision support

7. Juli 2023

Rudolf Schneider, an external PhD Student of Analytic Computing and former researcher at DATEXIS research group of the Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT), has successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Deep Learning aided Clinical Decision Support”.

Medical professionals create vast amounts of clinical texts describing anamneses, diagnoses, and treatments of patients. Automated understanding of these clinical texts has the potential to assist medical professionals such that they benefit from previous experiences and optimize clinical care of individual patients.

To automate medical text understanding, Dr. Schneider has developed a deep-learning-enabled differential diagnosis process. He integrated complementary language models and has evaluated its benefits for medical professionals at the Berlin hospital Charité.



From left to right, Prof. Staab, Dr. Schneider, Prof. Löser, Prof. Herschel
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