Physics, Learning, and Control

30. Oktober 2020 / Ramin Hedeshy

Analytic Computing joins Excellence Cluster SimTech and teams up with Propulsion Experts from SCHOTTEL GmbH

“Our vision is to develop ground-breaking research and transfer it to industry” explains the Head of Analytic Computing, Prof. Staab. 

The project proposal Combining First Principles and Neural Network Models for Interpretable, High-Precision Multi-Step Predictions (InMotion) has been accepted by University of Stuttgart’s excellence cluster, SimTech. Staab continues: “We are very excited to join this excellent network of experts in machine learning and control. We want to contribute and further develop our knowledge about neural networks in order to improve the understanding and guidance of physical motions of vehicles under disturbances. Key to our approach is to go beyond mere prediction and to guarantee a safe behavior of vehicles under adverse conditions.”

Almost simultaneously Analytic Computing has started a new industry project with the propulsion experts from SCHOTTEL GmbH. Staab connects the dots, “SCHOTTEL has a wealth of expertise in ship propulsion technology as well as in manoeuvering vessels under all weather conditions. Their data strategy pioneers the way towards using Artificial Intelligence for a safer and more economic operation of vessels. We are very glad to work with them in order to transfer our basic research ideas into practice and get their feedback about real-world applicability.”

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