Golden Spike Award 2023 for Widely-Distributed Simulations

13. Oktober 2023 /

Theresa Pollinger and colleagues received the HLRS Golden Spike Award 2023 for their work on running simulations on multiple supercomputers simultaneously.

As part of HLRS’ results and review HPC workshop, our group member Theresa Pollinger was awarded the HLRS Golden Spike Award 2023 for her talk on "The Widely-Distributed Sparse Grid Combination Technique on HAWK and SuperMUC-NG". She presented the algorithmic and technical advances that allow to distribute compute-intensive higher-dimensional grid based simulations to multiple HPC systems.
Along with her colleagues Alexander Van Craen, Christoph Niethammer, Marcel Breyer and Dirk Pflüger, she performed a six-dimensional grid based simulation distributed to the two German Tier-0/Tier-1 machines HAWK in Stuttgart and SuperMUC-NG in Munich.
The measurements will be presented and discussed in more detail at the upcoming Supercomputing Conference in Denver, Colorado. 

Prof. Thomas Ludwig (Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum), the responsible representative of the steering committee, highlighted the work’s contribution to reproducible science as assessed by several ACM reproducibility badges. 
Theresa said that she was excited to receive the award for this work, which she had pursued and steadily advanced over the course of the past few years. 
"Pascal Mossier and Maximilian Jacobi presented excellent research. I am honored to be here along with these two scientists.", Theresa added.


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