Analytic Computing

Please address general questions to:

Otherwise, you might find the right contact person on our team page.

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Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Parallele und Verteilte Systeme
Abteilung: Analytic Computing
Universitätsstraße 32
70569 Stuttgart

Finding us at Universitätsstr. 32 (not 38)

We are not located in the main computer science building (Universitätsstraße 38).

Our location, Universitätsstraße 32 is accessible via the reception of Universitätsstraße 34 (Haupteingang/Rezeption) near the bus stop. Access to the building is currently restricted, but will be granted through the receptionist in special cases (exams, interviews, Lernraum, etc.).

Please use the large entrance to the right of the bus stop "Universität Schleife" to enter the building complex:

Reception building viewoutside 2

Reception building view outside

Once inside, turn right at the reception to access the courtyard, then turn right again outside and walk to the aqua-colored sliding doors to enter Universitätsstraße 32:

Reception towards UN32

UN32 building entry

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