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Studentische Arbeiten

Angebotene studentische Arbeiten

Art Thema Betreuer
Masterarbeit Adaptive Check Pointing in Speculative Parallel Complex Event Processing Ahmad Slo
Masterarbeit Design and Development of Software Agents for Location Privacy-risk estimation Zohaib Riaz
Masterarbeit Speculative Reordering for a Latency-optimized Privacy Protection in Complex Event Processing Saravana Murthy Palanisamy
Masterarbeit Distributed Big Graph Processing of Localized Queries Christian Mayer
Masterarbeit Combining Application Layer and Network Layer Filtering in Pub/Sub Systems Sukanya Bhowmik
Masterarbeit Distributed Data Analytics using Graph Processing Frameworks Muhammad Adnan Tariq
Christian Mayer
Bachelorarbeit Scalability Investigation of Event Processing Systems Ahmad Slo
Bachelorarbeit Efficient Splitter for Data Parallel Complex Event Processing Ahmad Slo

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Laufende studentische Arbeiten

Art Thema Betreuer
Softwarepraktikum Entwurf und Implementierung eines kontextbasierten Abrechnungssystems basierend auf Google Android und Web-Technologien Frank Dürr
Beate Ottenwälder
Projekt-INF From PDEs to the Hololens: Mobile Simulations based on the FEniCS Simulation Framework Christoph Dibak
Johannes Kässinger
Bachelorarbeit Joint Routing and Scheduling with SMT Jonathan Falk
Bachelorarbeit Linear-Piecewise Functions for Network Calculus Jonathan Falk
Masterarbeit Configuration Management Platform for the automation of the Bosch IoT Cloud Otto Bibartiu
Masterarbeit Automatic Splitting in Data-Parallel Complex Event Processing Systems Ruben Mayer
Bachelorarbeit Bayesian Reliability Analysis for MongoDB Otto Bibartiu
Bachelorarbeit Machine Learning for Offline Availability Prediction of PaaS Components Otto Bibartiu
Bachelorarbeit Distributed Graph Partitioning for Large-scale Graph Analytics Christian Mayer
Muhammad Adnan Tariq