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Vorlesung - AMS (SS19)

Asynchronous Middleware Systems
Dozent Dr. rer. nat. Sukanya Bhowmik
Umfang2SWS (3LP)
Sprache Englisch
TermineThursdays (weekly) 15:45-17:15 hrs in V38 Room: 0.108


The first lecture takes place on Thursday, 11th of April, 2019! 


The lecture is intended for Infotech, Informatik and Softwaretechnik students (students studying other subjects are also welcome!). The lecture material will be presented in English.

The lecture is part of Distributed Systems II module. The other lecture in the module is Distributed Algorithms which is also offered by Prof. Rothermel during SS19.


This lecture focuses on current concepts and technologies for asynchronous communication between components of distributed applications. The paradigm of asynchronous communication has a growing relevance, especially in the area of large business and Internet applications. Through concepts like Publish/Subscribe and Message-oriented Middleware, large-scale distributed applications can be effectively decoupled, resulting in flexible interoperability among diverse existing systems. This lecture will provide students with a thorough understanding of various asynchronous middleware systems that are means for creating high-performance, scalable, and maintainable distributed applications.


General principles in the areas of Distributed Systems and Computer Networks.