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Main Areas of Research

Supported by the rapidly proceeding development of network technology, distributed systems are used in more and more application domains. Conventional system and communication architectures cannot always fulfil the various demands of these new applications in an acceptable manner. In order to keep up with this development, the research activities of the distributed systems group concentrate on the communication technology aspects of new application areas. The activities are not limited to the abstract consideration of system aspects, but also include practical distributed applications. Currently, the research of the distributed systems group is focused on the following fields:

Mobile Computing

Actually our main field of interest in this domain centers on mobile context related systems. Basic mechanisms and concepts are studied, specifically in the field of location-aware applications, which take into account the actual position of mobile objects based on a complex world model. Presently, our research concentrates on location management and location-aware communication. Another main field of research deals with mobile self-organizing systems, like e.g. those produced by Ad-Hoc-Networks. Software architectures and adaptation routines are developed capable of fulfilling the dynamics requirements of such systems. Further, communication mechanisms are addressed, whereby the application of inter vehicle communication plays an important role. And finally, concepts and procedures of distributed data management in mobile self-organizing systems are studied.

Spontaneously networked systems

Another research topic are mobile self organizing systems, based on mobile ad hoc networks. We develop system architectures, adaptation mechanisms and strategies which are specifically suitable for such highly dynamic environments. In addition, we develop communication mechanisms for inter vehicle communication. Finally, we examine data management algorithms for mobile self organizing systems.

Security and Privacy

In this field, our research activities cover a wide range. Starting from abstract questions, like e.g. reliability modelling, studying and consequently developing reliability creating systems including the required technology, right up to security aspects in ad-hoc-networks. The UniTEC project and the security research linked to the CANU project, both form part of these activities.

System Performance Evaluation

The aim of these research activities is to provide a realistic performance analysis of communication protocols and distributed system components. The emulation of various network topologies and features is based on a high-performance cluster system. The subject of our studies is to create an emulation environment that will facilitate a largely automated installation and configuration of the system to be tested and of its runtime environment.