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GSaME - Project E5 Research Project

GSaME - Project E5: Novel Communication Architecture for the Smart Real-Time Factory
Project TypeResearch Project
Funded by GSaME-DFG
Start 2008/08/01
Project Manager Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. h. c. Kurt Rothermel
Dr. rer. nat. Frank Dürr
Staff Hameed, Bilal
Contact Dürr, Frank
Co-operation Partner IFF
Brief Description

This project investigates methods to improve the consistency in product monitoring in a smart real-time factory scenario based on RFID technology. As a first step, a consistency stack has been developed that conceptualizes the different consistency issues into separate layers. Moreover, algorithms have been designed to provide probabilistic guarantees about observations of monitored objects utilizing a distributed system of RFID readers deployed along production lines. In more detail, we designed concepts to increase the reliability of readings based on redundant observations, as well as concepts for the automatic calibration of RFID readers.