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Workshop: First International Workshop on Context Quality (QuaCon '09)

QuaCon '09
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Veranstalter Universität Stuttgart, SFB 627
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Termin begin: 2009/06/25 end: 2009/06/26 frequency: einmalig
Ort Stuttgart

Advances in sensor technology, wireless communication, and mobile devices lead to the proliferation of sensors in our physical environment. At the same time detailed digital models of buildings, towns, or even the globe become widely available. Integrating the huge amount of available sensor data into spatial models results in highly dynamic models of the real world, often called context models.

A wide range of applications can substantially benefit from common context models. However, context data is inherently associated with uncertainty, which has to be taken into account by both context management systems and applications. Appropriate ontologies, models, and metrics are needed to specify the quality of context data, including aspects of degradation, consistency, and trust. Those concepts are needed on different levels of abstraction, including the raw sensor data, observable context, as well as the high-level context derived from other context information by means of reasoning techniques. In addition, methods and calculi are required to assess the quality of context data on various levels.

For an integrated context-management approach, a framework is needed that defines the appropriate abstraction levels and that provides quality mappings between these layers. Other important issues are application-specific quality concepts and methods to handle uncertain context data. If context data is to be presented to human users, appropriate visualizing techniques are required to present the data together with its quality assessments. On the other hand, if applications specify what level of degradation they accept, this information can be used to optimize context management by means of suitable relaxation techniques.

Research in context management and in particular context quality requires an interdisciplinary approach. Therefore, the QuaCon workshop aims to bring together researchers from various fields to discuss approaches to context quality and to make a consolidated contribution towards an integrated way of treating context quality.

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