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For those examinations offered by the MLR department of the IPVS-Institute the examination regulations (Prüfungsordnungen) of the respective study courses are relevant. 

Binding dates for written exams which are organized by the examination office, refer to the pages of the examination office and in C@mpus.

Per 12.07.18 the written exams of department MLR are scheduled as follows:
 exam "Reinforcement Learning":                                                
25.07.2018 11:00-13:00 in  V38.01

exam "Machine Learning":                        
02.08.2018 11:00-13:00 in  V47.02/V47.03, please check for assignment to room

 exam "Grundlagen der Künstlichen Intelligenz":     
14.09.2018 08:00-09:30 in V7.03  - organized by exam office - the actual exam plan of exam office is binding


Here you will find the current dates for oral examinations. They will be held, if no further information is given, at the following sites: 


Universitätsstr. 38

Prof. Toussaint room 2.225

For all oral exams please register ADDITIONALLY during the exam registration period of the examination office (Prüfungsamts) in the MLR secretary office in writing.

Bachelor- und Master study courses

In general:

  • Without registration at the examination office, you can not participate at the examination.
  • The registration dates of the examination office can be found here
  • The exact modalities can be found within the module manual
  • The examination dates are mentioned on the web sites of the examination office
  • In order to get an oral examination date, please register before (in writing) at the MLR-Sekretariat
  • This registration is done simultaneously according to the registration dates of the examination office
  • In case you have not registered at the Institute, you will get an obligatory date.
  • When you are absent at that date, the examination will be evaluated with the mark 5,0.
  • The dates for oral examinations are published within the web

The following examinations are offered:

in summer term:

  • Machine Learning: 6 LP
  • Reinforcement Learning: 6 LP
  • not regularly: Optimization: 6 LP
  • not regularly: Robotics II  / Advanced Robotics: 6 LP
  • Vertiefungslinie "Intelligent Systems"

in winter term:

  • Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of Autonomous Systems: 6 LP
  • Robotics I / Introduction to Robotics: 6 LP
  • Vertiefungslinie "Intelligent Systems"