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Finished Master Theses

Type Topic Advisor Begin End
Master Thesis
Master Thesis Data Presentation and Reactive GUI for a Big-Data Information Retrieval Solution Oliver Kopp
Michael Behringer
2.11.2017 2.5.2018
Master Thesis Using Constraints from Data Sources for Query Optimization in XML-based Data Integration System
2006/11/20 2007/05/22
Master Thesis Distribution of the Propagation Manager Uwe Heinkel
2004 2004
Master Thesis Business Process Integration
2003 2004
Master Thesis Entwicklung von OLAP- und Miningtechniken für eine Business Impact Analysis Sylvia Radeschütz
2009/05/04 2009/11/03
Master Thesis Framework for Distributed Data Processing Nazario Cipriani
2007/06/11 2008/03/20
Master Thesis Konzeption und Implementierung einer integrierten Datenschicht für Produktionsprozessdaten Florian Niedermann
Master Thesis Procedure model for health and consistency in Enterprise Content Management Systems designated for high volume electronic archiving in compliance environments Alexander Moosbrugger
Cataldo Mega
Master Thesis The importance of open source software for cloud computing in SME Holger Schwarz
Dr. Sami Rabieh (MFG)
2011 2011
Master Thesis Konzeption und prototypische Umsetzung einer Referenzarchitektur für Manufacturing Analytics Florian Niedermann
Master Thesis Role of data Mining in IBM’s Basel II Risk Compliance Solution Holger Schwarz
Dr. H. Völlinger (IBM)
2005 2005
Master Thesis An ontology-based value added service for the Nexus architecture Daniela Nicklas
Master Thesis Combined Data and Text Mining for identification of semantically correlated information Christoph Mangold
Marc Beyerle, IBM
2006 2006
Master Thesis Sylvia Radeschütz
2007/08/01 2008/01/31
Master Thesis Implementation of a communication layer using SLP and SCTP for addressing High Availability services in a redundant network Frank Wagner
Dirk Bolte
2006 2006
Master Thesis Florian Niedermann
Master Thesis Florian Niedermann
Master Thesis A Process Insight Repository supporting Process Optimization Christoph Gröger
Holger Schwarz
Master Thesis Die Bedeutung von Open-Source-Software für Cloud Computing in KMU Holger Schwarz
Dr. Sami Rabieh
Master Thesis Alexander Moosbrugger
Frank Wagner
2009/03/09 2009/09/08
Master Thesis Multi-Tenancy Aware Full-Text Indexing Framework for an Enterprise Content Management Archive Service in the Cloud Alexander Moosbrugger
Cataldo Mega
2010/02/15 2010/08/17
Master Thesis App for Evaluating Error Taxonomies Laura Bernadette Kassner
April 1, 2015 September 30, 2015
Master Thesis Design and implementation of TOSCA service templates for provisioning and executing bone simulations in cloud environments Tim Waizenegger
Peter Reimann
Master Thesis Distributed Situation Recognition Mathias Mormul
Master Thesis Ein sicherer Object Store für Android Christoph Stach
12.01.2017 12.07.2017
Master Thesis Personal Data in the Data Lake Corinna Giebler
2018/06/14 2018/12/14
Master Thesis Design of a Privacy-aware Runtime Environment for Smart Home Services Christoph Stach
2018/10/17 2019/04/17
Master Thesis Cloud Service Monitoring Mathias Mormul
Master Thesis Metadatenmanagement in der Data-Lake-Architektur Corinna Giebler
2018/11/29 2019/05/29
Master Thesis LAKE – Eine flexible Datenstrom-Analyse-Architektur Christoph Stach
24.04.2017 24.10.2017
Master Thesis Integration of Heterogeneous Data in the Data Vault Model Corinna Giebler
2018/07/17 2019/01/17
Master Thesis Personal Data in the Data Lake Corinna Giebler
2018/06/14 2018/12/14
Master Thesis Synchronization and Secure Exchange of Mobile Data Christoph Stach
2017/12/13 2018/06/13
Master Thesis Access Control Model for Data Lakes Corinna Giebler

2018/05/09 2018/11/09
Master Thesis Extending a Taxonomy through Synonym Extraction from Integrated Data Laura Bernadette Kassner
March 1, 2015 August 31, 2015
Master Thesis Data management and caching for mobile engineering apps Tim Waizenegger
Eva Hoos
01.10.2015 01.04.2016
Master Thesis Enforcing constraints and triggers for active data services
Master Thesis Bernhard Mitschang
Master Thesis Bernhard Mitschang
Master Thesis Christoph Mangold
Master Thesis