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Framework für einen zusammengesetzten Datenspeicher
Betreuer Dr. rer. nat. Pascal Hirmer
Dipl.-Inf. Mathias Mormul
Prüfer Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Bernhard Mitschang


The enormous amounts of data [1] that are being created as part of the digitization by Industry 4.0 place conventional data storage hardware infrastructures under great strain [5]. Locally available capacities are usually not sufficient, but outsourcing the data to the cloud is equally problematic due to high network traffic [2]. One way to overcome these challenges is to combine the two concepts edge computing and cloud computing. Edge computing is the concept of processing data close to the source of production [3], while cloud computing processes data in a central cloud [4]. By combining the two concepts, data can then be stored and processed both on the edge and in the cloud. However, this creates new challenges. For example, it has to be known where the data is and for how long it stays there. This requires easy access to the data and features like data synchronization.


The goal of this master thesis is to create a Backend Framework for a Composite Data Store (CDS), integrating the concepts of distributed data with the main objective of edge and cloud computing data storage. The framework should include a management layer as a single entry to point for users to access data distributed across the edge and cloud. This can happen through the indispensable use of metadata information. For the management of the database management systems (DBMS), the management layer must consider functionalities like Backup, Synchronization and setting Retention Policies as well as a holistic User Access and Role Management to manage the access to data for the specific database if possible. The management layer must be database-agnostic; therefore, SQL-based DBMS and NoSQL-based DBMS must be supported alike. Based on a prototype implementation using selected DBMS, the framework should be evaluated. A rudimentary user Interface should be implemented to demonstrate the use of the framework.

The task summary is:

  • Familiarization with the topic and requirements
  • Research for relevant related work
  • Conceptual design and architecture description of the framework for a CDS
  • Design of a management layer to access distributed data and manage the CDS
  • Prototypical implementation of the Backend Framework
  • Rudimentary implementation of a Web Frontend for the framework.