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Finished Subject Studies

Type Topic Advisor Begin End
Subject Study Analysis and Comparions of Data Mashup-Applications Pascal Hirmer
Ab sofort (Juni 2014)
Subject Study
2002/12/13 2003/03/17
Subject Study Analysis and Comparions of Data Mashup-Applications Pascal Hirmer
Ab sofort (Juni 2014)
Subject Study Can Private Data be Secured on Today's Mobile Devices? Christoph Stach
Subject Study
2005/10/24 2006/01/23
Subject Study
2008/05/19 2008/11/10
Subject Study Vergleich von Semantic Web Frameworks
Subject Study Methods to Ensure Data Security in Data Mining Christoph Stach
2018/04/09 2018/10/09
Subject Study Comparison of storage systems for RDF data bases on mobile devices Andreas Brodt
2009/07/16 2010/01/15
Subject Study Security & privacy - How about Apple, Google & Co.? Christoph Stach
2011/07/11 2011/02/15
Subject Study Market Analysis of App Development Techniques Christoph Stach
Subject Study MapReduce Holger Schwarz
Subject Study Uwe Heinkel
2004/01/07 2004/07/06
Subject Study
2005/05/12 2005/11/11
Subject Study
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Specht, Dipl.-Inf. Jens Drawehn
2007/06/01 2007/09/14
Subject Study Comparison of Technologies and Systems for the Data Management in Scientific Processes Peter Reimann
2011/07/20 2012/02/17
Subject Study Daniela Nicklas
2002/09/16 2003/01/17
Subject Study Holger Schwarz
2001/01/05 2001/08/23
Subject Study Christoph Mangold
2003/07/29 2004/03/04
Subject Study Vergleich von Gesundheitsdatenmodellen Matthias Wieland
Subject Study Of Donuts, Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwiches Christoph Stach
Subject Study Analysis and Comparison of Modeling Tools for Web-Applications Mihály Jakob
2006/05/01 2006/07/31
Subject Study Comparison of datastream management systems Nazario Cipriani
2007/11/07 2008/05/01
Subject Study Crowdsourcing -– Application Areas, Rating Systems, and Motivation Triggers Christoph Stach
2010/08/16 2011/02/15
Subject Study Evaluation of Data Integration Systems in the e-Science domain Peter Reimann
2009/05/04 2009/09/30
Subject Study Uwe Heinkel
Sylvia Radeschütz
Dominik Lucke (IFF)
2008/06/09 2008/11/03
Subject Study Matthias Großmann
Uwe Heinkel
2001/12/01 2002/05/01
Subject Study - Holger Schwarz
Edgar Schoonhoven (Trelleborg)
2005/04/18 2005/09/16