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Finished Student Projects

Type Topic Advisor Begin End
??? Create your own 'mobile game' Christoph Stach
2009/05/18 2010/04/14
??? vHike -– a virtual hitchhiking system for mobile devices Christoph Stach
2010/04/19 2010/10/17
??? Could you take a photo? Christoph Stach
2010/11/22 2011/03/21
Project-INF Implementation of a PMP-Compatible App to Enable Hitchhiking Christoph Stach
Project-INF Design of a Data Container for mHealth Apps Christoph Stach
Project-INF Computer Science is Fun – Learning with LEGO Mindstroms Christoph Stach
Project-INF Evaluation of a Privacy Management Platform Christoph Stach
Project-INF Evaluation of Various App Development Methods for Android Christoph Stach
Project-INF Evaluation of NoSQL Data Stores for Smart Devices Christoph Stach
2017/12/13 2018/06/13
Project-INF Design of an Online Marketplace for Mobile Applications Eva Hoos
Christoph Stach
Project-INF When Androids Control Robots Novel Approaches to CS0 Christoph Stach
2014/12/15 2015/06/15
Master Thesis Ein sicherer Object Store für Android Christoph Stach
12.01.2017 12.07.2017
Master Thesis LAKE – Eine flexible Datenstrom-Analyse-Architektur Christoph Stach
24.04.2017 24.10.2017
Master Thesis Synchronization and Secure Exchange of Mobile Data Christoph Stach
2017/12/13 2018/06/13
Subject Study Can Private Data be Secured on Today's Mobile Devices? Christoph Stach
Subject Study Methods to Ensure Data Security in Data Mining Christoph Stach
2018/04/09 2018/10/09
Subject Study Security & privacy - How about Apple, Google & Co.? Christoph Stach
2011/07/11 2011/02/15
Subject Study Market Analysis of App Development Techniques Christoph Stach
Subject Study Of Donuts, Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwiches Christoph Stach
Subject Study Crowdsourcing -– Application Areas, Rating Systems, and Motivation Triggers Christoph Stach
2010/08/16 2011/02/15
Diploma Thesis A Cloud-Based Secure Data Container Christoph Stach
2015/06/19 2015/12/18
Diploma Thesis Das Android Fragmentierungsproblem Christoph Stach
Diploma Thesis Integration of the PMP in the Android OS Christoph Stach
2012/10/25 2013/04/26
Diploma Thesis How to Use Your Own Devices for a Business Matter Christoph Stach
2013/02/18 2013/08/20
Bachelor Thesis Realizing comprehensive analytics in a hybrid data processing architecture Corinna Giebler
Christoph Stach
2018/05/07 2018/11/07
Bachelor Thesis Trust Beyond Privacy and Security Christoph Stach
Bachelor Thesis A Secure Cross-Device Graph DB for Android Christoph Stach
2018/05/21 2018/11/21
Bachelor Thesis Eine sichere Schnittstelle zu Wearable Computers Christoph Stach
Bachelor Thesis Privacy in the Internet of Things Christoph Stach
Frank Steimle
2015/07/13 2016/01/12
Bachelor Thesis Privacy-Aware Ubiquitous Health Games Christoph Stach
2013/06/20 2013/12/25
Bachelor Thesis Der PMP Gatekeeper Christoph Stach
2014/02/17 2014/08/19
Bachelor Thesis Privacy Issues in Candy Castle Christoph Stach
2015/07/13 2016/01/12
Bachelor Thesis Synchronization and Version Control Strategies for Mobile Data Christoph Stach
2017/12/13 2018/06/13
Bachelor Thesis Deployment and Extension of a Visual Development Platform for Apps Christoph Stach
2018/05/21 2018/11/21